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(2024-04-10) 2024 Pledging

Dear Suppawters,

2024 Facebook sponsorships have opened.

Visit our Facebook page to sponsor a specific animal for R250.

Pledging via our website will open in October 2024.

The SCFP Team

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(2023-10-04) 2023 Pledging Is Open

To all our suppawters,

The 2023 SCFP Christmas drive is now open!

Pledge Now

To pledge, register/login to your account, select your province, area and dropoff and then start pledging.

The SCFP Team

(2023-09-21) 2023 Pledging Will Open October

Santa Cause for Paws 2023 pledging will open later this year, in October.

Currently Facebook sponsorships are running on our FB page. You can sponsor an animal via eft or you can wait until October to pledge to make your own gift box.

(2022-02-01) 2022

Thank you to everyone who donated in the 2021 drive. We helped an amazing 152 charities with Christmas gifts and essentials.

We also added additional charities in January 2022 to help with feral sterilisations and vet bills.

Visit our achievements page to see some photos of the deliveries.

Thank you

(2021-10-01) Pledging Open

To all our suppawters,

The 2021 SCFP Christmas drive is now open!

To pledge, login to your account, select your province, area and dropoff and then start pledging.

The SCFP Team

(2021-09-23) 2021 SCFP Drive

To all our wonderful suppawters,

Please note the 2021 SCFP Christmas drive will be open for pledging from 1 October, 2021.

We look forward to seeing all the beautiful gifts this year so hang tight, there's only 1 week to go!

The SCFP Team

(2020-12-18) 2020 SCFP Drive

Dear Suppawters

A huge thank you for all your support this year, especially through such challenging times.
We are once again blown away by all the support we have received for the animals!

We were able to collect and distribute the following:

Gifts from the public:

  • Dog Gifts: 1749
  • Cat Gifts: 411
  • Puppy Gifts: 257
  • Kitten Gifts: 187
  • This includes gifts made by us using online store money.

We were also able to buy 1 ton of cat food and loads of toys and treats.

Our Facebook sponsored photos raised a fantastic R561 800 for the animals across many different shelters and areas, volunteer shoppers used wishlists to shop and deliver the perfect items.

Financial pledges online have already raised R107 050!!
Fincial pledges are still open on and we will use this money in January to help many animals in need across a difficult month.

Thank you all so much for all your support.

Our online shop has proved invaluable, it has enabled us to buy and donate many items to animals.

Wishing you a safe and happy holiday season, and to our supporters who celebrate - Merry Christmas, thank you for making an animal's Christmas extra special.

(2020-10-01) Pledging Open

Click "Account" and login to pledge!
Shop, pack, attach label and deliver your gifts.
STRICT DELIVERY DATES FOR 2020 BETWEEN 14 November to 29 November
Each drop off has specific dates and times.
Please don't pledge if you cannot make the drop off.

(2020-08-14) Banking Details Changed

Please note that our banking details have changed. Please make sure all payments are made to the new account details.

Account Holder: Santa Cause For Paws
Account Type: FNB Cheque
Account Number: 62862095025
Branch: 250655


(2020-08-08) Santa Paws Pledge Date

Pledging opens in October. You may start shopping for your boxes but come back to pledge once pledging is open.

Visit our facebook page to sponsor a particular animal now:


South Africa

Cat: 0 pledged of 345
Dog: 0 pledged of 345
Kitten: 0 pledged of 245
Puppy: 0 pledged of 245
Financial: R850.00 pledged of R45000.00

Financial: R33080.00 received of R850.00 pledged