Make A Pledge

Make a Pledge:

By making a financial or physical box pledge you are guaranteeing that shelter animals get a wonderful present this Christmas.

Other than getting a forever home, nothing makes shelter animals happier than being spoilt by that special someone out there that wants to make their year great too.

Pledging opens October 2020


South Africa

Cat: 447 pledged of 830
Dog: 867 pledged of 1130
Kitten: 211 pledged of 360
Puppy: 296 pledged of 430
Financial: R100210.00 pledged of R106300.00

Cat: 195 received of 447 pledged
Dog: 446 received of 867 pledged
Kitten: 84 received of 211 pledged
Puppy: 149 received of 296 pledged
Financial: R73700.00 received R100210.00 pledged