Make A Pledge

Make a Pledge:

By making a financial or physical box pledge you are guaranteeing that shelter animals get a wonderful present this Christmas.

Other than getting a forever home, nothing makes shelter animals happier than being spoilt by that special someone out there that wants to make their year great too.


South Africa

Cat: 149 pledged of 345
Dog: 235 pledged of 345
Kitten: 96 pledged of 245
Puppy: 103 pledged of 245
Financial: R33670.00 pledged of R45000.00

Cat: 111 received of 149 pledged
Dog: 186 received of 235 pledged
Kitten: 66 received of 96 pledged
Puppy: 87 received of 103 pledged
Financial: R28580.00 received of R33670.00 pledged