Who We Are

Who is Santa Cause For Paws:

Santa Cause for Paws is a registered NPC that collects gifts for shelter animals. We also assist organisations that do outreach work in townships, feral feeders and fosters.

We are a group of volunteers, all with full time jobs that run Santa Cause for Paws in our spare time after hours.

We rely on support from the public to help animals across South Africa.

Pledge a box or make a financial pledge to help the furries in need.


South Africa

Cat: 447 pledged of 830
Dog: 867 pledged of 1130
Kitten: 211 pledged of 360
Puppy: 296 pledged of 430
Financial: R100210.00 pledged of R106300.00

Cat: 195 received of 447 pledged
Dog: 446 received of 867 pledged
Kitten: 84 received of 211 pledged
Puppy: 149 received of 296 pledged
Financial: R73700.00 received R100210.00 pledged